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Differences in U.S. Based Online Casinos

Why should it matter to a player whether a site is based in the United States or in another country? There may be any number of reasons including that of tax laws, currency or even different games. For instance there is a European version of Roulette and not all of the American sites have it thus someone from the United States may not be familiar with that version of the game.

At the same time there may be people from other countries that prefer the U>S.; version of some of the casino games and will therefore choose those casino sites that are based in the U.S. While it may be a convenience for those who fall under United States tax jurisdiction, it may also be simply a matter of person preference that draws players to those sites. For those games that are predominantly American, it stands to reason they would be more readily available on casino sites that are based in that country.

Is it Essential to Play on U.S. Based Casino Sites?

When you are part of the gaming community, is the location of the website of any relevance? Other than those who win a great deal of money and may be facing tax laws of their home country, there is no likely to be any real reason a person living in the United States would have to play the online casinos based in their own country. In fact, some people play sites based in other countries because of the differences in the games. It’s important for those living in the U.S. to be cognizant of the tax laws because they still must report any winnings from those sites though the other country may not issue them any statement of winnings.

The same holds through in theory for those from other countries who play on United States casino sites—the games may differ and the winnings will be distributed in the currency of the originating country but no tax statements will be issued unless the site has a reciprocal agreement which is not usually the case with online ventures.

Online Casino Websites are Part of the Global Community

While there are many online casinos based in the United States, all of the gaming sites are part of the global community. What that means is they are not restricted to people who live in any one country but are open to anyone who has the funds to invest into playing. The only problem that might occur is the need for currency conversion but since you make payment with a credit card the issuing institution will make the conversion.

It makes the experience more challenging when players choose global sites rather than staying within their own country. They will gain experience in different casino games and thus enhance their gaming experience. While some of the games may be the same, there are others that are native to certain countries. For example, roulette is different in Europe than it is in the United States and not all of the U.S. based casino sites offer the European version of the game.

Playing Online Casinos Based in the United States

The internet offers a global community of online casino sites but o all of them are based in any one country. If you are looking for an online casino based in the United States it’s important for you to research those sites only. The reasoning behind wanting online casino sites based in the United States may be for any number of reasons including the types of currency and tax concerns

How can you find those sites that are based in the country of your choice? Most of them have a flag on them denoting the country of origin. You can also conduct your research based on casino sites in particular countries. The third option is to check the website itself in order to locate the country from which the site originates, something that is usually easy to see because of the currency designation.


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